Ask Selma!

Q. Hi, I lost my left kidney to renal cell carcinoma. They also took out a “tennis size tumor.” I have a 1/2 inch r.c.c. on my right kidney. The Dr. is doing a CT scan and MRI every 3-6 months. So far it has not grown in over 8 months. What do you think I should do? I have not had a second opinion and the Dr. is not giving me anti-cancer drugs or therapy. Thank you for your response.

A. I’m a believer in second opinions and your question really reflects why it’s a good idea. So in addition to the scans and examinations you are currently receiving, you might want to consider a consultation with a doctor that specializes in kidney cancer. The academic cancer center near you would be a good place to go since they will have a department called Genitourinary (GU) Oncology where there is a multidisciplinary team that includes the urologist, medical and radiation oncologist, as well as pathologists and other medical professionals. A good resource for you would be the Kidney Cancer Association.

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