The Group Room at the 2012 American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting

The  American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting in Chicago was a huge success!

We produced 20 interviews for The Group Room on topics Dr. Jose Baselga gives an overview of some of the highlights he found interesting at as well as an update on his work with PI3 kinase inhibitors.  Dr. Ronald DePinho talks with us about aging and cancer,  Dr. Susan Domchek gives a PARP inhibitor update, Dr. Pamela Goodwin talks about metformin and breast cancer, Dr. Patrick Hwu gives a melanoma overview and update, Dr. Gad Rennert talks about individualizing cancer prevention and so much more!



For a complete list of all the interviews conducted, check out our full video listing below.

Jose Baselga, MD, PhD: AACR Highlights 2012 and Pi3 Kinase Inhibitor Update 

Dr. Jose Baselga (Massachusetts General Hospital) highlights exciting studies and gives a PI3 kinase inhibitor update  at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual 2012 meeting in Chicago.

Ronald DePinho, MD: Aging and Cancer: Can We Do One Without the Other?  

Dr. Ronald DePinho (MD Anderson Cancer Center) discusses cancer and aging now and as we look to the future.

Susan M. Domchek, MD: PARP Inhibitor Clinical Trials Update and The Importance of Genetic Testing  

Dr. Susan Domchek (University of Pennsylvania) discusses PARP inhibitor clinical trials and the importance of genetic testing for certain populations.

Pamela Goodwin, MD: Metformin and Breast Cancer 

Dr. Pamela Goodwin (Mount Sinai Hospital) discusses the current findings in her ongoing clinical trial looking at the use of metformin (a generic diabetes drug) in patients with breast cancer

William C. Hahn, MD, PhD: Functional and Integrated Genomics   

Dr. William Hahn (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)  discusses functional and integrated genomics and how they are helping to shape cancer research.

Roy S. Herbst, MD, PhD: Smoking Cessation and Cancer  

Dr. Roy Herbst (Yale School of Medicine) discusses smoking cessation recommendations that have been published in the Tobacco and Cancer Task Force

Patrick Hwu, MD: A Melanoma Overview and Melanoma Treatment Update from AACR 2012 

Dr. Patrick Hwu (MD Anderson Cancer Center) gives overview of melanoma and a treatment update.

Adeyinka O. Laiyemo, MD, MPH: Increased Colorectal Cancer Incidence Among African-Americans  

Dr. Adeyinka Laiyemo (Howard University) discusses the increased incidence of colorectal cancer among African-Americans and his desire to close that gap.

Josep Llovet, MD, PhD: Liver Cancer Research Update AACR 2012  and  Pathogenesis of Liver Cancer 

Dr. Josep Llovet (Mount Sinai School of Medicine) gives a liver cancer research update and the discusses the pathogenesis of liver cancer.

Gad Rennert, MD, PhD: Pharmacogenetics and Cancer Prevention Drugs and Can Cancer Prevention Be Individualized?  

Dr. Gad Rennert (Carmel Medical Center, Technion, Israel) discusses pharmacogenetics as it relates to cancer prevention drugs and his research on individualizing cancer prevention.

Jack Siemiatycki, PhD: Do Cells Phones Cause Brain Cancer?  

Professor Siemiatycki (University of Montreal) discusses the latest research on cells phones and brain cancer. Should we be worried? But, what about those bluetooth devices?

Jeffrey N. Weitzel, MD: The BRCA Mutation and Cancer Genetics and BRCA Testing: Who Benefits? and Cancer Genetics and Anthropology

Dr. Jeffrey Weitzel (City of Hope Cancer Center) discusses the BRCA mutation and cancer genetics, who benefits from BRCA testing and an exciting discussion on cancer genetics and anthropology.

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