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What Is Membership?

Vital Options International is a 501(c)(3) cancer communications organization.  Founded in 1983, its mission, to facilitate a global cancer dialogue, is accomplished through various collaborations with oncology professionals and the cancer advocacy community in the US and Europe.

A leading and trusted source for video production that teaches and inspires, we offer a variety of corporate membership and sponsorship opportunities.

Vital Options International and their flagship shows, The Group Room, and Advocacy in Action are expanding.  We will be attending a eight conferences throughout the year, with the potential to attend even more, depending on sponsor interest.

We know we cannot expect our corporate partners to commit to a full sponsorship of each conference we attend.  In an effort to help us plan and increase our content output, we are instituting membership packages specifically to help support our conference coverage on a year-round basis.  The membership is good from the month of your commitment for one calendar year.

We are offering two membership levels.  This is not a replacement for full sponsorship of conferences where you wish to have a higher profile presence, it is simply a way of supporting our patient-education content on a wide variety of subjects throughout the year.  This support will allow you to interact with us as advisers four times per year, helping us to prioritize new and innovative topics of discussion, keep our content fresh, enhance our content quality and ultimately increase our distribution partnerships.

For more information on memberships, please contact Terry Wilcox at:  twilcox {at} vitaloptions.org