BOOK REVIEW: How I Lost My Uterus and Found My Voice

Michelle Whitlock How I Lost My UterusHow I Lost My Uterus and Found My Voice may sound like a complicated story, but this book is as honest, charming and funny a story as you’re likely to read this year.  Flowing from inspiring to heartbreaking and back again, Michelle Whitlock’s memoir is a bold and thought-provoking journey that opens up about the most intimate details of her life.  This is not just another cancer story.

While “empower” is a well-worn term, many readers will indeed gain new strength from this tale of going after what they want, no matter what life happens to throw their way.

Michelle is a friend, and I thought I knew her story well.  I was immediately struck by how much I didn’t know:  The budding romance between her and her now husband, Mark, and what it really takes to stay with a spouse when they say they have cancer … especially when dating!  And he becomes even more special when he starts creating embryos with you while still questioning his own desire to be a parent at all.

Don’t get me wrong, Michelle did not need Mark to get through her cervical cancer journey, but I believe ultimately having him there and persevering through it together made the other side of their marriage and partnership stronger and more connected then they ever could have imagined.  Now that’s a romance for the ages.

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By: Terry Wilcox, Creative Director, Vital Options International