Living with Lung Cancer

Living with Lung Cancer


Vital Options Living with Cancer series is a collection of life stories featuring patients, their loved ones, and medical providers, in which the cancer journey is told from different perspectives and circumstances. Meant to inspire knowledge and hope, participants in these videos address the myriad issues that living with cancer presents.

Living with Lung Cancer features Juliane, Michael, and Del. Along with their physician and their loved ones, they share the human experience of lung cancer, as well as how they approached their treatment, what they’ve learned, and what they want to share with you to help you live with lung cancer.

 Living with Lung Cancer: Overview

Living with Lung Cancer: Juliane

Meet Juliane, a 41 year old lung cancer survivor, mother and wife.


Living with Lung Cancer: Michael

Meet Michael, an 8-year lung cancer survivor, father and husband.


Living with Lung Cancer: Del


Meet Del, an 89 year mother, grandmother and great-grandmother living with lung cancer.


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